New Balance, the newest brand on the scene have released the Furon 3.0 to try and break into the top tier of boots for the new season.

The Furon’s boot history is not for easy reading. The initial launch of the first Furon and the Furon 2.0 saw large campaign launches and on pitch player presence rapidly turn into players such as Samir Nasri, Marouane Fellaini quickly leaving the brand to go to a Nike or Adidas.

The Furon is back with the 3.0 and have taken a similar approach Nasri and Fellaini took  ‘if you can’t beat them join them’. The Furon is a speed boot by definition and noticeably has similarities to the Adidas Ace chassis while the stud pattern looks to be a carbon copy of the Adidas Messi 15.1. The upper again has a striking resemblance to the failed and disliked Nike Hypervenom 2, so already first impressions were not a good one.

Performance is everything to the player though and this could be the boots silver lining. Taking parts of successful boots may not be a bad thing if not the most original which is only a problem for the fan. If the combination of all these different elements works then theres no problem at all and what you then have is a boot which has all the technology of a Nike or Adidas boot worth around £250 for around £150 just without the logo on the side.

New Balance want to find there own place in the boot game and this is the boot in their line up planned to give them their identity. Sadly their lack of personality on the field and in the boot game is not going to change by copying their competition. First Never Follows (Adidas trademark)

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