Marvin ‘The Sticks’ Morgan known to some, others know him from recently turning out for Bath City, most now know him for the man behind the fashion label Fresh Ego Kid making waves in the business.

Footballers and fashion have not had the best track record. More recently the overpriced A-Z collection from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the high fashion line from Tim Cahill, two words which should never go together. Most have failed to blend the two worlds together, until Marvin Morgan had the idea while at Dagenham and Redbridge in 2013 to create Fresh Ego Kid.

Fresh Ego Kid has done what others have failed to do. The brand has been embraced by professional footballers such as Dele Alli and Romelu Lukaku, who have helped the brand into the mainstream. Cult hero’s from the popular Arsenal Fan TV, Mr DT and Troopz man of the people, regular don items from the range which has made the brand part of the culture. The new generation of football fans have found a brand they can see there idols wearing and one they can see themselves in.

The label itself creates jackets, hoodies all wearable for the 3 o’clock kick off while bringing back some style which the football fan has always been associated with. Most famously their trucker cap which has become a staple on match day just as much as a Stone Island Jacket and a pair of Adidas Forest Hills.

Streetwear has a new kid on the block and the man behind this movement is Marvin Morgan.

Find the range here

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