Can Puma become footballs number one? Having released the brand new silo called ‘One’. The boot comes after the announcement that Puma will be retiring the EvoSpeed and the EvoTouch.

The idea of the Puma One is to have the best of best worlds from the EvoSpeed and the EvoTouch and create a Puma hybrid but the boot couldn’t be further from that. They have seemed to have taken all the positives from the two boots and left the spare parts. The unique collar from the EvoTouch, a number of features from the EvoSpeed the stud pattern and the lightest boot frame on pitch, all failed to make an appearance. What we are left with is an uninspiring boot which does neither the job of the boots the One has replaced, with non of the soul of the other Two.

The EvoSpeed which players such as Antoine Greizmann and Sergio Aguero took under their wing and made it into Pumas current power piece in the boots game. The EvoSpeed was already a classic with colour ways such as at the Euro 2016 Tricks pack. Puma have deleted their history, with the Puma One having to write the next chapter.

The next chapter will be a difficult one for the Puma One and a short one if players fail to adapt to the change.


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