Adidas have released the ‘Pure Stealth’ latest colour way for the X 17.1 which has caught everyone by surprise.

It is has been a busy summer for Adidas dropping the Magnetic storm pack earlier on in the month, which most people saw as there standard pack to fill the gap between the end of the season and the start of the new one. Not many would have seen this boot coming, along with the Adidas Ace Magnetic Control.

The design has the old school feel to it with the olive colour way yet the boot still has this new and exciting breath of fresh air. Colour ways rich in history is a win for most older fans but not necessarily the younger buyers. Alongside the colour way this boot still has all the new technology of Adidas most current boots which ticks almost all the boxes for boot heads but this has come at a price. The boots are £40 more than the standard X17.1 boots which is no wonder where they got the pure stealth name from as charging an extra £40 for a colour way seems like daylight robbery.

Do not hesitate though these boots will sell, not quickly but eventually. These boots are limited edition which seems to be a growing trend in football boot culture which will make them seem to be more classic then they will become. With very little to no on pitch presence I can only see this boot being made to build hype for the upcoming Adidas boot pack for the 2017/2018 season and make a quick buck and then fade into the darkness.


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